Neon Hearts


A middle aged truck driver spends a lot of time away from home and his family. On the road where nobody knows him, he is free to be himself and live as he wants, without judgement. However, one night when he comes back from a tour to Bucharest, he finds out that his son has gone missing. He is determined to find him and bring him back, no matter the consequences. 

Produced by: FDA Skopje
Supported by Macedonian Film Agency 
Year of production: 2019
Running time: 16:15'


Simeon Moni DAMEVSKI


Directed by: Ana JAKIMSKA
Producers: Lazar SEKULOVSKI, Petar ANTEVSKI
Written by: Ana JAKIMSKA, Diana VOINEA
Director of Photography: Aleksandar RISTESKI
Editor: Gorjan ATANASOV
Composer: Matej MERLIĆ
Sound Designers: Dragan SPASOV, Risto ALCINOV


  • Vox Feminae Festival (Croatia) 2020 - BEST REGIONAL FILM
  • FILMAY Short Film Festival (N. Macedonia) 2021 - BEST SHORT FILM in the National Category
  • KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival (India) 2020 - SPECIAL MENTION in the Student Short Category
  • Under the Stars IFF (Italy) 2019 - BEST LGBT MOVIE
  • Short Film Factory (Romania) 2019 - WINNER
  • Montenegro Film Festival (Montenegro) 2019
  • CineDays European Film Festival (N. Macedonia) 2019
  • Skopje Film Festival (N. Macedonia) 2019
  • Short to the Point (Romania) 2019
  • International Student Film Festival New Wave (Bulgaria) 2019
  • Figari Film Fest (Italy) 2019
  • Duka Fest International Student Film Festival (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 2019
  • International Inter University Short Film Festival (Bangladesh) 2019
  • Symi International Film Festival (Greece) 2019
  • DRIM Short Film Festival (N. Macedonia) 2019
  • Film Front International Short Film Festival (Serbia) 2019
  • International Queer Film Festival Merlinka (Serbia) 2019
  • Dumbo Film Festival (USA) 2020
  • International Changing Perspectives Short Film Festival (Turkey) 2020
  • Manchester Lift-off Film Festival (UK) 2020
  • Westminster Film Festival (UK) 2020
  • International Human Rights Film Festival (Albania) 2020
  • KO:SH Film Festival (Albania) 2020
  • AsterFest Interational Film Festival (N. Macedonia) 2020
  • Balkans Beyond Borders (Greece; Turkey) 2020
  • TIFF ODA (N. Macedonia) 2020
  • Linear International Film Festival (UK) 2020
  • Novi Val Festival (Montenegro) 2020
  • HER International Film Festival (Ireland) 2020
  • Image+Nation Film Festival (Canada) 2020
  • Bosnia Herzegovina Looks Around International Film Festival (France) 2020
  • Kala Ghoda Arts Festival (India) 2020
  • Open Vision Film Fest (online) 2021
  • Photometria in Motion (Greece) 2021
  • Swindon Independent International Film Festival (UK) 2021
  • Alexandre Trauner Art/Film Festival (Hungary) 2021

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