Call Me Barbara 


"Call me Barbara" is a short documentary film that looks into the two greatest desires of a 22-year old boy from the suburbs of Skopje: first of all, to become a girl, and then, to become a pop star. Faced with the everyday challenges of the homophobic Balkan reality, she tries to remain true to the voice within.

Year of production: 2013
Running time: 10:14


Protagonist: Fifi JANEVSKI
Directed and written by: Ana JAKIMSKA
Camera by: Branko KOSTESKI
Editing by: Sasko Potter MICEVSKI


  • Skomrahi Student Festival (Skopje, Macedonia)
  • MakeDox International Creative Documentary Festival (Skopje, Macedonia)
  • Watch Out!Tetovo Film Festival (Tetovo, Macedonia)
  • Fringe! Queer Art and Film Festival (London, UK)
  • STIFF, Sydney Transgender International Film Festival (Sydney, Australia)
  • Balkans Beyond Borders Film Festival (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • Balkan Fest 4 (Thessaloniki, Greece)
  • FemArt 2016 (Prishtina, Kosovo)
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